Name: Rose Vu Hoang
Sex: Female
Nationality: Vietnamese
Location:  Piscataway, NJ. USA
Date of Birth: 09/05/82
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 120 lbs
Color of Hair: Dark Brown
Dark Brown
Bust / Chest: 34
Waist: 24
Suit / Dress: 4
Shoes: 8
Email: rose@xplicit-rose.com

Visit Rose's website: www.xplicit-rose.com

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Level: Professional
Type of Model: Fashion, Commercial, Lingerie/Sheer, Bikini, Import, Non-nudes.


Here's a little info about my life story in a nut shell. I was born in Manhattan, NYC, September 5, 1982 and raised in Brooklyn by my mom and dad. I have o?ne younger brother who I'm very close too. I grew up in a pretty rough area which taught me to be the strong and independent person I am today. Deep down I just wanted to be a kid but I went through a lot throughout my young and adolescent age that pushed me grow up before my time. Sometimes my tough exterior make people intimidated of me or prejudge who I am but in actuality I'm probably o?ne of the most loyal, nicest, dependable person there is towards my friends and family. I'm %100 real and what you see is what you get, no fronts, no gimmicks. Just take a little time and look beyond my book cover, you might be surprised at what you'll find! :)

My family moved around a lot, I've been all over NY, NJ, Texas and California, those are just to name a few. It has made me a very well-rounded person and enabled me to get along with most types of people. You might say I'm like a chameleon, blending into my environment, while never compromising who I am as a person. I've been working since I was 13 years old and for the most part have been providing for myself and supported myself throughout school up until now. I've held down all sorts of jobs, sometimes more than o?ne at a time, and I guess that's how import modeling fell into my path, having fun, traveling and making extra cash o?n the weekends. I've made a lot of great friends, some that I've grown real close to and now hold a special place in my heart. I think that every person you meet will affect your life in some way or another. There were times when life was so hard for me but I don't regret it looking back now because every event has created a big impact o?n my life and has made me who I am today. You honestly never know what's in stored for the future, I just know that everything happens for a reason and there are countless life lessons that you can benefit from. I live life for today and look forward to tomorrow.

In recent years, I studied at Rutgers University, majoring in Psychology and attainting my criminal justice certificate, so yes ladies and gentleman, l tend to analyze people and I usually have a good sense of the genuineness in a person when I first meet them. I have a passion for art, animals, reading, playing tennis, watching football, shopping and riding motorcycles. I also love to cook and try new foods. I love to travel and my goal is to visit as many places around the world as I possibly can in a life time. I want to see all that is beyond the horizon. In the near future, I hope to attain my MBA and own my own business.

I'm proud to say that I'm lucky that I've accomplished so much up until now but I cant credit luck for all of it, I've worked hard but of course I still believe in the motto, "Work hard, Play hard". And o?n that last note, I just wanted to thank all of my friends and family out there for your love and support! XOXO


1. What are your best attributes? My height, I'm very tall for an Asian girl.

2. What qualities do you admire in a person, and what qualities do you disapprove of in a person? I like when a person is honest and trusting. Relationships are built on trust. Someone who is kind and smart, athletic, likes to cook, and is well-rounded. I hate liars, cheaters and dirty people.

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Happy and successful in whatever I do.

4. What are your short-term & long-term goals? I want to join a pharmaceutical company and go back for my MBA. I want to own lots of real estate and be really rich....;-)

5. What are your hobbies? I like to swim, play tennis, cook, dance, party, shop, watch movies, eat out, hang out with friends, read books, take pictures/photoshoots, listen to music, carshow/tradeshows, ect....

6. List any special talents, achievements / awards / honors:

7. List any previous modeling, pageant, show experiences that you have been involved in (if any): I've been in various car shows and tradeshows in the East Coast area. I've been a spokes model for black magic, Import Circuit, featured on numerous websites, ect....

8. Who is the one person you would most like to meet? Why? Angelina Joli because she is so beautiful, inside and out.

9. If you were stuck on an island and could bring one item, what would it be? my little pon lucky!

10. Would u rather love someone or be loved? I think the feeling of loving someone is great but everyone wants to be loved....

11. If you were a judge, what 3 qualities of top model would you look for?
a) beauty
b) intelligence
c) individuality

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